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Thames Paintings Exhibition

Paul Simonon’s exhibition, “From Hammersmith to Greenwich”, was held in 2002 at Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox in London. It was a series of paintings which focused on the river Thames, making it the principle influence on the city.

The pieces capture the river at various points on its course, which Simonon has carefully chosen. His perspectives are quite literally elevated – most of the paintings were done on rooftops, and the physicality of painting outdoors appeals to him. ‘Being outside on your own in all weathers is exciting, it clears you out. Being high up you get more options on the sweep of the river. Besides, something that size isn’t practical at street level; on a roof you can lash it to the railings. Otherwise the wind will grab it and take it away.’

Simonon said back in 2002: “To be honest I’ve got to the stage now where I just want to paint – I’ve done my time with the music”